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This is an example of a "Fly Through" of a kitchen.  It can be any room in a house or hotel, bar, commercial space etc.  Click the play icon, use full screen, start and stop at any point by clicking in the screen.  Be sure to come back.

This is a helpful guide of what to do and not to do to prepare for your scan.  It also shows how we move from room to room. Hover or click on the coloured lollipops to read additional info.

360º Images and 2D Stills in 4k Quality

These are examples of photographs pulled from a scan. The first is a 360º image of an entire room.  The remainder are 4k quality 2D images taken from the 360º rotation.

Video for Vimeo, You Tube etc.  

Matterport scans can be transformed into video using suites such as Adobe Premier Pro and cut with footage to make a broader media package. Include your drone footage, video media or other technology and boost your coverage.

Complex Line Drawings

A 3D scan can create clear line drawings and room dimensions from within the scan.  Using a 3 laser system to ensure millimetre accurate drawings and GPS to ensure correct orientation.

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